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Embark on a data-driven odyssey with Microsoft's Power BI training in Chennai, exclusively at BigD Academy. Dive into the art of analytics, navigating from fundamental insights to advanced expertise under the tutelage of industry leaders.

Our dynamic Power BI course unveils the secrets of data modeling, visualization, and DAX functions, transforming you into a master of analytics. Brace yourself for real-world projects that bridge the gap between learning and application.

Seize the opportunity for certification and secure your spot in the job market with our tailored Power BI training in Chennai. Join BigD Academy – where data dreams become career realities!


About the instructor

Our team of instructors boasts 18+ years of extensive experience in data analysis and visualization. With a focus on providing a holistic learning experience, we ensure 100% hands-on training enriched with real-time examples. Through our meticulously designed courses, you will develop the confidence to proficiently create advanced dashboards and master complex DAX formulas.

At our institute, we conduct interactive and instructor-led Power BI Corporate Training. Whether you are based in India or anywhere internationally, our comprehensive programs are tailored to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the realm of data analytics and visualization. Join us and embark on a structured learning journey led by seasoned professionals.

Modes of Delivery

Online Training

Experience live, instructor-led sessions from the comfort of your space.

Classroom Training

Immerse yourself in interactive, instructor-led classroom sessions.

One-to-One Training

Tailored and exclusive training designed just for you.

Team/Corporate Training

Elevate your team with customized corporate training solutions.

Unlock Data Potential

Begin your Power BI journey today and discover the art of connecting and transforming data. Our training options, available both online and in the classroom, provide a robust foundation for your Power BI skills.


Tailored Learning Paths For Tech Enthusiasts

Elevate your expertise with modules and learning paths crafted for today's developers and tech enthusiasts. Our curriculum prepares you for industry-recognized certifications, ensuring you stay ahead in the technology landscape.


Hands-On Mastery

Experience hands-on learning with our Power BI training, allowing you to master use cases at your own pace and on your schedule. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, our interactive Power BI Online training equips you with practical skills for real-world applications.



  • Introduction to business intelligence (BI)
  • Stages of business intelligence (BI)
  • Use cases of BI
  • Various BI tools
  • Overview of data warehouse and concepts
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Why Power BI?
  • Power BI components
  • Power BI pricing structure
  • Building blocks of Power BI
  • Architecture of Power BI
  • Power BI vs Tableau vs QlikView
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
  • Installation of Power BI Desktop
  • The key features of the Power BI workflow
  • Process of creating reports in Power BI

  • Overview of Power BI Desktop
  • Data sources in Power BI
  • Using files (excel, csv, pdf, etc.) as a data source
  • Using SaaS connectors
  • Extracting data from folders, and databases

Engaged in tasks involving Azure SQL database and various database sources.

  • Connecting to Analysis Services
  • Other data sources (OData, web, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Python R script in Power BI
  • Introduction of Power Query editor
  • Advance editor
  • Query dependency editor

  • Shaping data using Power Query Editor
  • Formatting data
  • Transformation of data
  • Understanding of Data types
  • Data profiling for data quality check
  • Naming conventions and best practices to consider
  • Identify and create appropriate keys for joins
  • Working with Parameters
  • Merge Query
  • Append Query
  • Group by of data (aggregation of data)
  • Applied steps (query settings)
  • Duplicate and reference tables
  • Transpose of data
  • Fill
  • Pivot & Un-pivot of data
  • Custom columns
  • Conditional columns
  • Replace data from the tables
  • Split columns values
  • Move columns and sorting of data
  • Detect data type, count rows, & reverse rows
  • Promote rows as column headers
  • Hierarchies in Power BI
  • M query

  • Introduction to relationships
  • Creating relationships
  • Cardinality
  • Cross-filter direction
  • Use of inactive relationships
  • Introduction of DAX
  • Why is DAX used?
  • DAX syntax
  • DAX functions
  • Context in DAX
  • Calculated columns using DAX
  • Measures using DAX
  • Calculated tables using DAX
  • Learning about tables, information, logical, text, iterator,
  • Time intelligence functions (YTD, QTD, MTD)
  • Cumulative values, calculated tables, & ranking and rank over groups
  • Date and time functions
  • Identify poorly performing measures, relationships, and visuals
  • DAX advanced features

  • Deep dive into Power BI data visualization
  • Understanding Power View and Power Map
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Page layout and formatting
  • Power BI Desktop visualization
  • Formatting and customizing visuals
  • Visualization interaction
  • Custom visualization in Power BI
  • Top-down and bottom-up analytics
  • Drill down
  • Drill through
  • Page navigations
  • Bookmarks
  • Selection pane to show/hide visuals
  • Comparing volume and value-based analytics
  • Combinations charts (dual axis charts)
  • Filter pane
  • Slicers
  • Use of Hierarchies in drill-down analysis
  • Theme for corporate standards
  • Power BI template for design reusability
  • Mastering the best practices

Power BI's Performance Analyzer monitors and analyzes report performance.

  • Power BI Q&A (Natural Language Query visual)
  • Sync slicers
  • Tooltips and custom tooltips
  • Tables and matrix
  • Conditional formatting on visuals
  • Waterfall chart, KPI, Donut chart, Scatter chart
  • Geographical data visualization using Maps

  • Introduction to Power BI service
  • Introduction of workspaces
  • Dashboard
  • Creating and configuring dashboards
  • Dashboard theme
  • Reports vs Dashboards
  • Building workspace apps
  • Sharing reports and dashboards
  • configure subscriptions and data alerts
  • Paginated report
  • Introduction to Power Q & A
  • Ask questions about your data using natural query language
  • Obtaining responses through charts, graphs, and data discovery approaches.
    • Configure custom questions for Q&A like FAQ
    • Ad-hoc analytics building
    • Power Q&A best practices
    • Quick Insights
    • Subscribe, alerts, usage statics, related content
    • Design reports on Power BI service
    • Collaboration using Power BI service
    • Row level security (RLS)
    • Introduction of paginated reports
    • Introduction of Power BI report server
    • Understanding Power BI desktop settings
    • Aggregating data from multiple data sources
    • Power BI service settings
    • Power BI admin portal
    • Administration activities
    • Power BI usage analysis
    • Introduction of Office 365 admin activities
    • Introduction of Data Gateway
    • Installation and configuration of data gateways
    • Scheduling auto data refresh

    Overseeing groups, row-level security, datasets, reports, and dashboards.

    • Real-time data analysis using direct connectivity
    • Direct query vs import mode
    • Integrating Power BI through API and utilizing Power BI Mobile functionality.
    • Introduction to embedded Power BI
    • Create embedded code
    • Manage embedded code
    • Integration of Power BI in SharePoint
    • Introduction of Power BI API
    • Power BI embedded playground
    • Introduction to Power BI Mobile
    • Creating mobile-based reports and dashboards
    • Optimizing report for Power BI mobile app
    • Features of Power BI mobile app
    • Introduction of integrating Power BI & Excel
    • Power BI Analyze in Excel

    Power BI Advance & Power BI Premium

    • Power BI Premium Introduction
    • Power BI Premium per user
    • Power BI Premium features
    • Introduction to Data Flow
    • Create data flow
    • Advantages of data flow
    • Create reports using data flow
    • Introduction to Power BI deployment pipelines
    • Create deployment pipelines
    • Benefits of deployment pipelines
    • Introduction of sensitivity labels
    • Introduction of Power BI goals feature
    • Incremental data load in Power BI
    • Use AI visuals
    • Use the Forecast feature
    • Power BI best practice rules to improve performance

    Course Details

    Embark on a transformative journey with BigD Academy's Microsoft Power BI Certification, designed by industry experts to mold you into a Certified Microsoft Power BI Specialist. This certification course equips you with the prowess to effectively utilize Power BI, extracting rapid insights and facilitating informed business decisions.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Powerful Data Management: Master the fundamentals of Power Query and Power BI Desktop, laying the foundation for efficient data acquisition and transformation.
    • Art of Visualization: Explore the intricacies of data visualization, creating custom visualizations to convey insights effectively and elevate decision-making processes.
    • Dynamic Dashboards and Reporting: Develop practical skills in working with reports and constructing real-time dashboards, enabling dynamic business monitoring.
    • Advanced Data Connectivity: Connect seamlessly to SSAS, Azure SQL, HD Spark, and more, expanding your capabilities for diverse data sources.
    • Publication and Collaboration Proficiency: Learn to publish and share reports and dashboards seamlessly, fostering collaborative decision-making processes within your organization.

    Essential Mastery at BigD Academy:

    • Holistic Data Acquisition: Grasp the intricacies of data acquisition, transformation, modeling, and visualization with Power BI's cloud-based analytics tool.
    • DAX-Powered Data Modeling: Acquire proficiency in DAX (Data Analysis and Expressions), the key language for effective data modeling in Power BI, Power Pivot, and Analysis Services.
    • Customized Data Visualization: Harness the potential of Power BI's customizable data visualization toolkit, gaining a comprehensive view of your business, sharing reports, and identifying trends in real-time.

    BigD Academy ensures you not only learn the essentials but also gain practical expertise, setting you on the path to becoming a Power BI expert ready for real-world challenges.

    Tailored for professionals across diverse domains, the Microsoft Power BI Training Course is designed to empower individuals, including:

    • Business Analysts
    • Data Analysts
    • Business Intelligence Professionals
    • Data Scientists
    • IT Professionals
    • Database Administrators
    • Finance Professionals
    • Project Managers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Any individual aiming to elevate their data analytics proficiency.

    • Develop and design interactive Power BI dashboards and reports to meet business requirements.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to gather data visualization requirements and translate them into effective solutions.
    • Perform data modeling, ensuring the creation of efficient and accurate data structures within Power BI.
    • Utilize DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to create calculated columns and measures for complex data analysis.
    • Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources using Power Query for seamless integration into Power BI.
    • Conduct in-depth data analysis to identify trends, patterns, and insights that inform business decision-making.
    • Work with diverse data sources, including SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets, and cloud-based platforms like Azure.
    • Implement data security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information in Power BI reports.
    • Stay updated on the latest Power BI features and industry best practices to optimize report performance and usability.
    • Collaborate with IT teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to data connectivity, transformations, and visualization.
    • Provide training and support to end-users, enabling them to navigate and interpret Power BI reports effectively.
    • Stay abreast of business objectives and evolving data needs to continuously enhance and expand Power BI solutions.
    • Participate in the development and implementation of data governance policies to maintain data quality and integrity.
    • Communicate findings and insights derived from Power BI analyses to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
    • Contribute to the overall data strategy by identifying opportunities for process improvement and innovation within the organization.

    Yes, Microsoft Power BI is in high demand. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of data-driven decision-making, the demand for professionals with Power BI skills has surged. Power BI offers robust capabilities for data visualization, business intelligence, and analytics, making it a preferred tool for companies seeking to derive meaningful insights from their data.

    The versatility of Power BI, its integration with other Microsoft products, and its ease of use contribute to its widespread adoption across various industries. Professionals proficient in Power BI are sought after for roles such as data analysts, business intelligence analysts, and data scientists. As the business landscape continues to prioritize data-driven strategies, the demand for Power BI professionals is likely to remain strong.

    Enrolling in BigD Academy's Microsoft Power BI training program equips aspirants with a robust skill set crucial for navigating the dynamic realm of data analytics:

    • Data Mastery: Acquire expertise in data acquisition and transformation using Power Query, enabling efficient handling of diverse datasets.
    • Visualization Prowess: Develop the art of crafting compelling visualizations and custom graphics, transforming raw data into meaningful insights through Power BI Desktop.
    • Dynamic Dashboard Construction: Learn to construct real-time dashboards, honing the skills to monitor business dynamics and make informed decisions.
    • Advanced-Data Modeling with DAX: Master the intricacies of data modeling using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), empowering you to create sophisticated and efficient data models.
    • Connectivity Proficiency: Seamlessly connect to various data sources, including SSAS, Azure SQL, and HD Spark, expanding your capabilities in handling diverse datasets.
    • Strategic Reporting Techniques: Develop strategic insights into creating and sharing impactful reports, coupled with collaborative techniques for effective decision-making.

    In essence, BigD Academy's Power BI training program ensures participants emerge as versatile data analysts, proficient in harnessing the full potential of Power BI for actionable insights in real-world scenarios.

    Power BI certification, specifically the Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate, validates an individual's expertise in leveraging Power BI for data analysis and visualization. Achieving this certification demonstrates proficiency in connecting to data sources, transforming data, modeling, and visualizing data using Power BI. This certification, recognized under the MCSE (Microsoft Certified: Solutions Expert) umbrella, signifies a professional's capability to provide valuable insights through data analytics and positions them as a recognized authority in the Power BI ecosystem.

    Companies prioritize data visualization because it simplifies complex information, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making. Visual representations, like charts and graphs, make data easily understandable for individuals across various departments, fostering better communication and alignment. Visualization enhances data-driven insights, facilitating the identification of patterns, trends, and outliers. This visual clarity promotes a more profound understanding of business metrics, helping organizations identify opportunities and challenges promptly. Ultimately, the emphasis on data visualization empowers companies to extract actionable intelligence, driving efficiency, innovation, and strategic planning in an increasingly data-centric business landscape.


    Comprehensive Instructor-led Training

    Engage in 30 hours of immersive instructor-led sessions where you'll delve into the intricacies of Power BI, guided by experienced professionals.

    Hands-on Capstone Projects

    Apply your skills in real-world scenarios with 30 hours of capstone projects. Gain practical experience and build a portfolio showcasing your proficiency in Power BI.

    Practical Sessions for Confidence Building

    Reinforce your comprehension after each session with hands-on practicals. Strengthen your confidence by applying learned concepts in practical scenarios.

    Lifetime Access to Learning Resources

    Enjoy lifetime access to our online library, comprising presentations, questionnaires, installation guides, and session recordings. Stay updated and reinforce your learning at your own pace.

    24/7 Expert Support

    Access our 24/7 online support team for a lifetime. Resolve technical queries through a ticket-based tracking system, ensuring continuous assistance in your Power BI journey.

    Certification and Job Assistance

    Earn a 'Power BI Expert certification based on internal assignments and practical performances. Avail job assistance to leverage your certification for career opportunities.

    Flexible Learning Schedule

    Benefit from flexible timings tailored to your comfort. Our goal is to make the learning journey convenient and adaptable to your schedule.

    Embark on your Power BI learning journey with BigD Academy in Chennai!

    Our Power BI training courses are highly sought-after in the data science community, owing to the tool's seamless ability to transform data into real-time business intelligence. Join us and discover the power of leveraging data for impactful insights!


    To enroll in Power BI training, there are minimal prerequisites. Basic knowledge of Excel and a fundamental understanding of data analysis concepts can be beneficial. However, Power BI is designed for users of all levels, making it accessible to beginners as well as professionals with data analysis experience.

    Power BI training equips individuals with the skills to transform raw data into insightful visualizations, aiding in better decision-making. It enhances data analysis capabilities, provides a comprehensive understanding of Power BI tools, and empowers users to create compelling reports and dashboards efficiently.

    BigD Academy in Chennai is recognized as a leading institute for Power BI training. With a reputation for delivering quality education and practical skills, they stand out as a preferred choice for individuals seeking comprehensive Power BI training.

    The cost for Power BI training at BigD Academy is reasonably priced at 50,000 rupees, ensuring value for your investment in acquiring essential data analysis skills.

    Power BI training involves learning the Microsoft Power BI suite, a business analytics tool that enables users to visualize and share insights from their data. It covers topics such as data modeling, report creation, and dashboard development.

    The Power BI certificate is recognized as lifelong and valid in India, ensuring that your skills and certification remain relevant throughout your professional journey.

    After completing Power BI training, individuals can pursue roles such as Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, BI Consultant, or Data Scientist, among others. These roles involve leveraging Power BI skills to derive meaningful insights from data.

    Yes, BigD Academy provides Job Assistance to its students, ensuring that they are well-equipped to transition into the workforce with confidence after completing Power BI training.

    BigD Academy offers flexible training modes for Power BI, including both online and in-class options. This accommodates diverse learning preferences and ensures accessibility for individuals with varied schedules.

    Upon completing the Power BI course, you can expect to possess practical skills in data visualization, data modeling, report creation, and dashboard development. You'll be adept at transforming raw data into meaningful insights using Power BI tools.

    This Power BI course is ideal for anyoned interested in enhancing their data analysis skills, including business analysts, data professionals, IT professionals, and decision-makers looking to leverage data for strategic decision-making. The course caters to both beginners and experienced individuals in the field of data analysis.