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Our trainers have 15+ years of experience in data analysis & data visualization. We provide 100% hands-on training with real time examples, which gain confidence in creating advanced dashboards and working with complex DAX formulas. We conduct interactive and instructor-led Power BI Online Training , Power BI Corporate Training and Power Bi DA-100 Certification Training in India & International.

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Power BI Training Sample Dashboard:

Instructor-led Power BI Certification Training live online classes

Power Bi Training Course Outline

  • Introduction to Self-Service BI
  • Introduction Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Workflow
  • Power BI Architecture 
  • Power BI Services
  • Power BI Components
  • Visualizations, Filters & Fields Pane
  • Data Sources Power BI Desktop will connect to
    • On-Premises Data FilesDatabases
    • Online Databases
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers
    • Internet Data
  • Data Types and Properties in Power BI Desktop
  • Enter Data
  • Get Data and Query Editor
  • Introducing the Query Editor
  • Using the Query Editor to Connect to Data
  • Combining Data Sources as a Mash Up
  • Use Append Queries
  • Merge Data Tables
  • Working with Relationships in Data
  • Activities using Query Editor
  • Filters
  • Clean, Trim, Format and Replace
  • Split Column or Extract Using Delimiters
  • Column from Example
  • UnPivot
  • Creating Custom Calculated Columns
  • Adding Conditional Columns
  • Introduction to DAX Expressions and Formula
  • Overview of Data Visualizations
  • Tables and Matrix Views
  • Charts
    • Bar/Column Charts 
      • Clustered 
      • Stacked 
      • 100% Stacked
    • Ribbon Charts 
    • Waterfall Charts 
    • Line Chart 
    • Scatter Chart 
    • Area Charts 
    • Line-and-Column Charts 
    • Pie Charts 
    • Donut charts 
    • Map Charts 
    • Funnel Chart 
    • Gauge Chart 
    • Card Chart 
    • Multi-Row Card 
    • Tree Maps
    • Charts from Marketplace
      • Aster Plot
      • Bullet Plot
      • Chord
      • Histogram
      • Stream Graph
      • Tornado
      • Sankey
  • Chart Formatting
  • Sort Visuals by Values/Fields
  • Inserting Text Box, Shapes & Images
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
    • Color Scale
    • Rules
    • By Field Values
    • Icon Set
  • Interactive Slicers
  • Date Slicers – dropdowns and searches
  • Number Slicers with value ranges
  • Date Slicers with Relative filters
  • Drill Visualizations to see underlying data
  • Create Reusable Field Hierarchies
  • Record Grouping and Binning in Visualizations
  • Analytics Lines in Visualizations
  • Forecast
  • DAX
    • Calculated Columns
      • FORMAT
      • REALTED
    • Create Measures
      • SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN
      • CALCUATE
      • IF ELSE
      • AND, OR, NOT
      • FILTER
  • Create a KPI Visualization
  • Drill Visualizations to see underlying Data
  • Visual Table and Data Point Table
  • Date Hierarchies
  • Q&A
  • Decomposition Tree
  • Data Categories, Geo-Data and Maps
  • Report Elements and Options
  • Working with Pages
  • Visual and Filter Settings
  • Edit Interactions
  • Bookmarks
  • Synchronize Slicer
  • Report Themes
  • Buttons and Q&A
  • Overview of Dashboards and Service
  • Publish Report from Power Desktop
  • Creating Dashboard
  • Pinning Tiles to Dashboard
  • Filtering Dashboard
  • Dashboard Settings
  • Natural Language Queries
  • Featured Questions
  • Sharing a Dashboard
  • Pinning a Live Page
  • Custom URL and Title
  • Printing Dashboard and Exporting Data
  • Export to CSV, PDF and Excel
  • Alerts in the Power BI Service
  • Personal Gateway
  • Publishing to Web
  • Admin Portal & Settings
  • Row level Security
  • Introduction to Power BI Mobile
  • Scheduled Refresh

Microsoft Power BI Certification:

Power Bi Certification Training * To get this certificate, participants should take DA-100 Exam and score 700 out of 1000.

Power Bi Trainer Profile:

Mohamed Yousuf - Power Bi Trainer

Power Bi Training Testimonials:

Participants attend our Power Bi virtual instructor-led training from various cities in India & International.

This Power BI use training was excellent in terms of information management and display of data in order to provide decision-making analysis. The training was a step-wised one where basics were first mastered being going through more advanced tools of the software. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested to move a step up in their analysis and career as a professional blending with analytic technology.
-Jordan Ramburn

I was that kind of guy , who previously used to fear from doing visualization as I thought, I need to be more creative enough to learn this. But frankly speaking after this workshop , I realized that anyone can do visualization if he or she has the passion for learn new things . It just requires to understand some tricks and follows some process . The way sir conducted this particular workshop, I really appreciate this as this cleared all my doubts regarding visualization.Now I can understand where to use which charts. Going forward I will recommend some of my friends to take this training.
-Sartyaki Manna

The training was very useful for me as it helped me to improve my skills of finding the insights through Power BI in more advanced way. Trainer was very thorough with his knowledge in Power BI and same way he delivered his knowledge to us which will definitely help me to build better dashboards with very strong and useful insights for any case.
-Som Nath Ghosh

The training was excellent, and I learned a great deal. The hands-on workshops are excellent. I gained a lot of confidence from the practical session. The flow you demonstrated was fantastic. It's quite valuable.
-Janani G

Excellent course. The presentation and method of teaching was really great. The resource person Mr Mohammed Yousaf had a through and in-depth knowledge in the subject. The hands-on training approach from the beginning of the training was great.
-Renjith Joseph

The Trainer had a high subject knowledge and was very helpful and patient with the needs of the participants. The training covered the entire width and scope of Power BI helped me to use Power BI to visualize data set with ease. Giving insights and the hacks that are used in the industry and also providing training on the latest updates in MS Power BI. Really useful and a must for MBA students.
-Avinash Mendon

I was very doubtful whether I would be able to get the hang of Power BI in just 10 days. Yousuf sir made it very easy to understand even the most complicated tasks in Power BI. The way he explained how a problem can be broken down in different ways to draw useful insights step by step was very intriguing. I was also able to prepare a dashboard on my own using the learnings that I received in the sessions. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Now, I can confidently say that I can prepare reports on any dataset using Power BI. Very big thanks to Yousuf sir.
-Prakhar Rai

Mohamed Yusuf, is a very professional trainer as far as i see with Power Bi and he has focus for all the trainees and had best ensured that everyone understands from fundamentals to advanced, even if you are a beginner. The most key part of this program, is Only practical exercise for the whole sessions.
-Cj Bhaskar Babu

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